1CRM allows you to organise a large part of your business within a single web application and to access the information at any time or location. An all-in - one CRM system for handling every aspect of your business online. Find out what 1CRM Triggers and Actions are available to help you automate your workflow, and discover the best way to connect 1CRM to other applications.
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Event Name

Triggers when a record is created or updated.

Triggers when an account is created or updated.

Triggers when a contact is created or updated.

Triggers when a lead is created or updated.

Triggers when an opportunity is created or updated.

Adds a list of related records belonging to the specified model and id.

Create / Update Account

Creates a new account or updates an existing account.

Create / Update Contact

Creates a new contact or updates an existing contact.

Creates a new lead or updates an existing lead.

Create / Update Opportunity

Creates a new opportunity or updates an existing opportunity.

Connect 1CRM to other applications

You can connect 1CRM with thousands of other applications. Choose from one of the below to see what is possible, or start typing in the search box. From there you can identify what integrations are possible, and begin thinking about what you're going to do with all that time you've saved.

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Discover alternatives to 1CRM

Use the App Finder to find powerful, user-friendly software that can boost your business. Could there be an alternative to 1CRM that suits your business requirements?

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Integrate 1CRM with other applications

If you've decided that 1CRM will meet your requirements, it's now time to connect it to the rest of your stack. Visit the Integrate your Apps page to connect 1CRM to thousands of apps.

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Learn more about automation so you can build the perfect solution for your business. Check out some of the biggest names in online learning below, where you can find free or affordable courses to help you learn more about 1CRM and many other applications!


Learn in-demand skills to help you automate 1CRM with other tools from 183,000 video courses created by real-world experts.

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Learn the latest tech skills at your own pace on this vast digital education platform. How will these skills help you use 1CRM?

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Skill Share

Join an online community of people sharing and learning creative skills online, including automation. Check to see if there's a course on 1CRM

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These days, it’s easy to find top-notch freelancers that can help you automate your business in no time. Check out our list of sites below to find the right to help you configure and automate 1CRM!


Truelancer offers on-demand, qualified automation experts and hourly pricing. Filter by newest, trending, and best rated to find your 1CRM pro.

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Fiverr connects you with over 11,100 automation services offered by experts around the world. Filter by category, budget, and expertise to find the right automation expert for your 1CRM workflow.

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With over 11,810 automation services available, Freelancer offers the largest selection of on-demand talent and hourly rates. Get help configuring and automating 1CRM!

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