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Connect My SaaS makes it easy to discover how to integrate software apps you’re already using and seek out new ones so you can automate your backend and boost your business.

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How it Works

Learn how Connect My SaaS can help you take back control of your time and supercharge your productivity with automation.


Use the App Finder to find powerful, user-friendly software that can boost your business. From staying on top of finances to managing human resources, there’s an app for every headache just waiting to be discovered. 

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Optimize your operations by connecting complementary software. Learn which actions your tools can complete without you so you can stop losing time on mind-numbing admin tasks. 

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Automate your workflow to supercharge your productivity and take back control of your time. Choose the triggers you want to spark reactions in your partner apps and watch as these super smart tools instantaneously complete tasks in the background. 

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About Us 

Connect My SaaS is a free online platform designed to help spread-thin business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers work smarter not harder using automation. Here, you can learn which software and systems are right for your business plus how to connect them to create an automated backend. Connect My SaaS was launched by automation expert and consultant Andy Wingrave. His mission is to liberate as many people as possible from boring admin tasks so they can take back control of their time and focus on what really matters—without sacrificing their business. 

Connect Your Apps

If you are struggling to keep your workflow in sync across all of your tools, let us help you identify triggers and actions that bring these together seamlessly. Navigate the site to find out what automation solutions you could use to save yourself time.

Why Automate?

Besides making your life infinitely easier, automation can rev up efficiency, multiply productivity, and increase your profit margins. With an automated backend, you can:  ✔ Reduce employee costs

✔ Prevent human errors

✔ Keep your data secure

✔ Improve operations

✔ Increase collaboration

✔ Improve customer satisfaction

✔ Save countless hours lost to time-consuming and monotonous tasks

Saastronomical Merchandise

Join Ought-o, Blogbot v1.3, and the rest of the gang in our store. The Connect My SaaS store has various types of merchandise featuring all of the Saastronomical robots. We’ve got merch featuring your favorite automation crew you won’t find anywhere else.

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Take Your Learning to the Next Level  

Learn more about automation so you can build the perfect solution for your business. Check out some of the biggest names in online learning below, where you can find free or affordable courses to get started. 



Learn in-demand skills online from 183,000 video courses created by real-world experts. 

Visit Udemy



Learn the latest tech skills at your own pace on this vast digital education platform.

Visit Udacity 


Skill Share

Join an online community of people sharing and learning creative skills online.

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These days, it’s easy to find top-notch freelancers that can help you automate your business in no time. Check out our list of sites below to find the right one for you.


Truelancer offers on-demand, qualified automation experts and hourly pricing. Filter by newest, trending, and best rated to find your pro.

Visit Truelancer


Fiverr connects you with over 11,100 automation services offered by experts around the world. Filter by category, budget, and expertise to find the right automation expert for your needs.

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With over 11,810 automation services available, Freelancer offers the largest selection of on-demand talent and hourly rates.

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We’ve helped hundreds streamline their processes and create a turbocharged backend

Andy goes SO FAR above and beyond. I am astounded at his entire way of doing business. He has an incredible system of making sure all the clients needs are met and sending THOROUGH reports afterwards- like, here’s the results of our call with screenshots. I am blown away and I will be reaching out to Andy whenever I need to figure something new out automation wise in my business! There are not enough stars to give him.

Jessi M
Wild Essence


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